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Table 3 Bacterial strains and plasmids

From: Effect of deletion of gene cluster involved in synthesis of Enterobacterial common antigen on virulence and immunogenicity of live attenuated Salmonella vaccine when delivering heterologous Streptococcus pneumoniae antigen PspA

Strain or plasmid Description of the genotype or relevant characteristics Source or reference
S. Typhimurium stains   
χ3761 Wild type UK-1 [31]
χ9241 ΔpabA1516 ΔpabB232 ΔasdA16 ΔaraBAD23 ΔrelA198::araC PBADlacI TT [32]
χ12357 Δ (wecA-wecG)-6, Delete whole ECA operon in χ3761 This study
χ12358 Δ (wecA-wecG)-6, Delete whole ECA operon in χ9241 This study
S. pneumoniae strains WU2, Wild-type virulent, encapsulated type 3 [34]
pYA4278 SacB mobRP4 R6K ori Cm+, pRE112-T-vector [24]
pYA5493 Delete whole ECA operon This study
pYA3493 Plasmid Asd+; pBRori β-lactamase signal sequence-based periplasmic secretion plasmid [35]
pYA4088 852-bp DNA encoding the α-helical region of PspA from aa 3–285 in pYA3493 [27]