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Table 2 Comparison of mean cycle threshold (Ct) values between DNA extraction procedures for the detection of H. pylori on SAT negative. The Ct values were detected on two samples, while the remaining were undetermined. Data are analysed on two positive samples for ureC and the only one for cagA

From: Assessment of real-time PCR for Helicobacter pylori DNA detection in stool with co-infection of intestinal parasites: a comparative study of DNA extraction methods

H. pyloriCt B vs AP valueCt B vs CP valueCt A vs CP value
ureC38.92 vs 35.86ns38.92 vs 34.84ns35.86 vs 34.84ns
cagA39.24 vs 45.66na39.24 vs 38.18na45.66 vs 38.18na
  1. ns not significant by paired Student t-test, na not applicable