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Table 1 Comparison of mean cycle threshold (Ct) values between DNA extraction procedures for the detection of H. pylori on SAT positive (total n = 56 samples for ureC and n = 20 for cagA, excluding all missing, undetermined and discordant results)

From: Assessment of real-time PCR for Helicobacter pylori DNA detection in stool with co-infection of intestinal parasites: a comparative study of DNA extraction methods

H. pylori
Ct B vs AP valueCt B vs CP valueCt A vs CP value
ureC36.08 vs 36.23ns36.08 vs 36.58ns36.23 vs 36.58ns
cagA38.40 vs 38.42ns38.40 vs 46.00ns39.51 vs 38.42ns
  1. ns not significant by paired Student t-test