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Table 1 Minimum inhibition concentration (MIC) of commercial antibiotics and phenolic compounds against different strains of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium; and antibacterial sensitivity profiles of those strains against some selected commercially available antibiotics

From: In vitro synergistic potentials of novel antibacterial combination therapies against Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium

AntimicrobialsStrain ID
ATCC 14028V08-S-HA-06-(170)V15-S-HA-02-(210)SAL 109SAL 202SAL 224
Amoxicillin (μg/mL)<  0.5 (S)256 (R)1 (S)256 (R)256 (R)256 (R)
Ampicillin (μg/mL)1 (S)512 (R)512 (R)512 (R)512 (R)512 (R)
Cefotaxime (μg/mL)≤ 2 (S)≤ 2 (S)≤ 2 (S)512 (R)128 (R)128 (R)
Ceftiofur (μg/mL)<  1 (S)<  1 (S)1 (S)128 (R)64 (R)64 (R)
Erythromycin (μg/mL)128 (R)32 (R)16 (R)512 (R)1024 (R)512 (R)
Florfenicol (μg/mL)8 (S)8 (S)4 (S)64 (R)32 (R)64 (R)
Marbofloxacin (μg/mL)0.062 (S)0.25 (S)0.25 (S)2 (I)2 (I)4 (I)
Norfloxacin (μg/mL)0.25 (S)4 (R)0.5 (S)4 (R)16 (R)8 (R)
Penicillin G (μg/mL)8 (S)1024 (R)32 (R)>  1024 (R)>  1024 (R)>  1024 (R)
Thiamphenicol (μg/mL)128 (R)64 (R)128 (R)256 (R)512 (R)512 (R)
Epicatechin (μg/mL)>  1024>  1024>  1024>  1024>  1024>  1024
Epicatechin gallate (μg/mL)>  512512>  512>  512>  512>  512
Epigallocatechin (μg/mL)1024512512512512512
Gallic acid (μg/mL)256256256256256256
Hamamelitannin (μg/mL)5125121024102410241024
  1. S, susceptible; I, intermediate resistance; R, resistant. Sensitivity statuses of these strains are interpreted based on the MIC values of these tested antibiotics and their break-point MIC values mentioned in different guidelines [20,21,22,23,24]