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Table 1 Crystal parameters, data collection, and structure refinement

From: The model cyanobacteria Anabaena sp. PCC 7120 possess an intact but partially degenerated gene cluster encoding gas vesicles

Data collection
 Space groupC2221
 Unit cell parameters
a, b, c (Å)96.40, 147.09, 106.58
α, β, γ (°)90.00, 90.00, 90.00
 Resolution range (Å)50.00–2.55 (2.62–2.55)a
 Unique reflections24, 900 (2, 440)
 Completeness (%)99.9 (100)
 <I/σ(I)>16.3 (2.9)
Rmergeb (%)10.6 (69.1)
 Average redundancy10.9 (10.9)
Structure refinement
 Resolution range (Å)44.46–2.55
Rfactorc/Rfreed (%)19.57/25.61
 Number of protein atoms3, 962
 Number of water atoms28
 RMSDe bond lengths (Å)0.015
 RMSD bond angles (°)1.709
 Mean B factors (Å2)53.189
 Ramachandran plot (residues, %)f
  Most favored95.80
 Protein Data Bank entry6L5D
  1. a Highest resolution shell is shown in parenthesis. Rsym = ΣhΣi|Ih,i − Ih|/ΣhΣiIh,i, where Ih is the mean intensity of the i observations of symmetry related reflections of h. R = Σ|Fobs − Fcalc|/ΣFobs, where Fobs = Fp, and Fcalc is the calculated protein structure factor from the atomic model. RMSD in bond lengths and angles are the deviations from ideal values