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Table 2 Composition of the modified MRS2 media adapted from Tanimomo et al. [48]

From: Bifidobacterium mongoliense genome seems particularly adapted to milk oligosaccharide digestion leading to production of antivirulent metabolites

Yeast extract (g/L)15.515.515.515.5
Peptone of casein (g/L)15.515.515.515.5
K2HPO4 (g/L)
KH2PO4 (g/L)
NaCl (g/L)0.0090.0090.0090.009
MnSO4.H2O (g/L)
MgSO4.7H2O (g/L)0.0070.0070.0070.007
FeSO4.7H2O (g/L)0.0090.0090.0090.009
Tween 80 (mL/L)
Cysteine (g/L)
Glucose (g/L)2010
Whey (mL/L)500
3′-sialyllactose (g/L)0.85