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Table 2 Microbial growth for water and mud samples from the Great Artesian Basin. Incubation temperature was 62.5 °C. Culture media: LB broth agar (pH 5, pH 6.8, pH 8) and PBT pH 6.0

From: Discovery of thermophilic Bacillales using reduced-representation genotyping for identification

     LB Broth PBTNo. Bacterial isolates
LocationSourceTemperature (°C)pHSample namepH 5.0pH 6.8pH 8.0pH 6.0
Birdsvillewater98 °CandBirdsville Borend(+)(+)(−)2
 bore drain98 °CandBirdsville mudnd(+)(A), (+)(B)(+)(+)(A), (+)(B), (+)(C)6
Clifton hillswater80 °C8.0CHfil(−)(−)(+)(A)(−)1
 bore drain80 °CndCHMUD(+)(++)(++)(A), (++)(B)(++)4
Mount Gasonwater80 °C8.0MtGfilnd(+)(A), (+)(B)(+)(A)(+)(A)4
 bore drain80 °CndMt.GODS / Mt. GMUD(+)(A), (+)(B)(+)(A), (+)(B), (+)(C), (+)(D), (+)(E), (+)(F), (+)(G)(+)(A), (+)(B), (+)(C),(+)13
Mirra Mitawater79 °C8.0MMfilnd(+)(−)(−)1
 bore drain79 °CndMMMUD1(−)(+)(−)(+)2
 bore drain68 °CndMMMUD2(++)(++)(−)(−)2
 bore drain74 °CndMMMUD3(−)(++)(+)(A)(+)3
 bore drain62 °CndMMMUD4(−)(+)(A), (+)(B)(+)(A), (+)(B)(+)5
 bore drain66 °CndMMMUD5(−)(+)(A), (+)(B)(−)(−)2
 bore drain50 °CndMMMUD6(−)(+)(A), (+)(B)(−)(−)2
 bore drain39 °CndMMMUD7(−)(++)(−)(−)1
 bore drain74 °CndMMMUD8(+)(−)(−)(−)1
Mungerannie stationwater78 °C7.2Mgnhotfil / MgnCCG(+)(+)(+)(−)3
 bore drain60 °CndMCWH(−)(+)(A), (+)(B)(−)(−)2
Mulkasoil38 °CndMR(−)(+)(A)(+)(A)(−)2
Kopperamannawater60 °C8.5Efil(−)(+)(A), (+)(B)(−)(++)3
 soil38 °CndECO3(−)(−)(−)(++)1
Etadunna stationwater77.9 °C8.5Kanufilnd(+)(−)(−)1
Dulkaninnawater47.8 °C8.5Dulfilnd(+)(+)(−)(−)1
Clayton stationwater34 °C8.5Clfilnd(+)(A), (+)(B)(−)(−)2
 bore drain34 °CndCLB(−)(+)(−)(−)1
Lake Harrywater46 °C8.5LHfilnd(−)(−)(−) 
 bore drain46 °CndLHMUD(−)(+)(A), (+)(B)(−)(+)3
Total bacterial isolates        68
  1. (a) Based on published temperature (Habermehl and Pestov 2002 [14])
  2. nd = not determined; (−) = no growth was observed; (+) = growth was observed; (++) = strong growth was observed; (A), (B), (C) name assigned if more than one microorganism was observed