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Table 1 Microbial growth for samples from hot water systems and commercial compost. Incubation temperature was 62.5 °C, culture media LB broth agar

From: Discovery of thermophilic Bacillales using reduced-representation genotyping for identification

SourceSample nameTemperature (T°C)Microbial growthNo. Bacterial isolates
Domestic hot water systems
 DPS160 °C(+)(A), (+)(B)2
 DPS261.1 °C(+)(A), (+)(B)2
 DPS362.6 °C(+)1
 DPS462.6 °C(+)(A), (+)(B)2
 DPS579.6 °C(+)(A), (+)(B), (+)(C)3
 DPS657 °C(+)(A), (+)(B), (+)(C)3
 DPS757.6 °C(−) 
 HTR84 °C(++)1
 DHW60 °C(+)(A), (+)(B)2
Commercial compost
 NFOSAna(+)(A), (+)(B), (+)(C)3
 MMBAna(+)(A), (+)(B)2
 MFBBna(+)(A), (+)(B), (+)(C), (+)(D)4
 CBSPna(+)(A), (+)(B), (+)(C)3
Total bacterial isolates   31
  1. na = not applicable; (−) = no growth was observed; (+) = growth was observed; (++) = strong growth was observed; (A), (B), (C) name assigned if more than one microorganism was observed