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Table 1 The frequency distribution of A. baumannii in clinical and environmental isolates based on the location of specimen collection and PFGE type

From: Molecular typing of multi-drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii isolates from clinical and environmental specimens in three Iranian hospitals by pulsed field gel electrophoresis

PatternClinical isolates No (%)Environmental isolates No (%)Total No (%)Status of pulsotypes
A13 (30.2)8 (30.8)21(30.4)Major pulsotype
B7 (16.3)3 (11.5)10 (14.5)Intermediate pulsotype
C2 (4.6)2 (7.7)4 (5.8)Minor pulsotype
D5 (11.6)4 (15.4)9 (13.0)Intermediate pulsotype
E2 (4.6)1 (3.8)3 (4.3)Minor pulsotype
F2 (4.6)1 (3.8)3 (4.3)Minor pulsotype
G10 (23.3)6 (23.1)16 (23.2)Major pulsotype
H2 (4.6)1 (3.8)3 (4.3)Minor pulsotype