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Table 3 The BLASTN results of unique genes

From: Design of PCR assays to specifically detect and identify 37 Lactobacillus species in a single 96 well plate

SpeciesDescriptionIdentity (%)Target species matchNon-target species match
SpeciesNo. of strainsIdentify (%)SpeciesNo. of strainsIdentity (%)
L. sanfranciscensisL. sanfranciscensis TMW 1.130499L. sanfranciscensis20/20100 ~ 98.94
L. acidipiscisL. acidipiscis strain ACA-DC 153399.58L. acidipiscis5/5100 ~ 99.17
L. fermentumL. fermentum strain B1 28100L. fermentum63/63100 ~ 98.57
L. amylovorusL. amylovorus DSM 20531100L. amylovorus14/15100 ~ 98.84
L. pentosusL. pentosus strain DSM 20314100L. pentosus22/22100 ~ 98.35
L. plantarumL. plantarum strain IDCC3501100L. plantarum449/453100 ~ 97.14
L. helveticusL. helveticus isolate NWC_2_3100L. helveticus56/57100 ~ 98.70L. gallinarum1/799.64
L. farciminisL. farciminis KCTC 3681100L. farciminis7/7100
L. parabuchneriL. parabuchneri strain FAM2173199.97L. parabuchneri25/25100 ~ 96.57
L. paraplantarumL. paraplantarum strain DSM 10667100L. paraplantarum10/11100 ~ 98.78
L. gallinarumL. gallinarum DSM 10532100L. gallinarum6/7100 ~ 99.39
L. caseiL. casei subsp. casei ATCC 393100L. casei14/25100 ~ 96.41
L. paracaseiL. paracasei ATCC 334100L. paracasei109/164100 ~ 98.51L. casei3/2598.39 ~ 98.14
L. lindneriL. lindneri strain TMW 1.481100L. lindneri12/12100