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Table 1 Putative nucleotide/amino acid identity of the rat kobuvirus (MM33) with reference Kobuvirus strainsa

From: Kobuviruses carried by Rattus norvegicus in Guangdong, China

Gene regionNucleotide identity (%)/amino acid identity (%)Untreated sewage
Full sequence77.4/81.4958.9/57.259.5/57.2276.7/81.2677.7/80.6792.8/98.384.9/93.48
  1. a Reference Kobuvirus strains include: human (accession no. AB040749), bovine (accession no. AB084788.1), canine (accession no. JQ911763.1), rat (accession no. MN116647.1), swine (accession no.EU787450.2), feline (accession no. KJ958930.1), and untreated sewage (accession no. JQ898342.1)
  2. bL: Kobuvirus genome leader sequence
  3. (Human kobuvirus:745–1253 nt, Bovine kobuvirus:809–1368 nt, Swine kobuvirus:577–1160 nt, Feline kobuvirus:718–1221 nt, Canine kobuvirus:713–1225 nt, Rat kobuvirus: 737–1228 nt, Sewage kobuvirus:not mentioned)
  4. P1: structural viral protein, including the VP0, VP1, and VP3 regions
  5. (Human kobuvirus:1254–3791 nt, Bovine kobuvirus:1369–3939 nt, Swine kobuvirus:1161–3689 nt, Feline kobuvirus:1222–3780 nt, Canine kobuvirus:1226–3874 nt, Rat kobuvirus:1229–3853 nt, Sewage kobuvirus:181–2421 nt)
  6. P2: nonstructural protein, including regions 2A–2C
  7. (Human kobuvirus:3792–5699 nt, Bovine kobuvirus:3940–5841 nt, Swine kobuvirus:3690–5687 nt, Feline kobuvirus:3781–5688 nt, Canine kobuvirus:3875–5706 nt, Rat kobuvirus:3854–5686 nt, Sewage kobuvirus:2422–4329 nt)
  8. P3: nonstructural protein, including regions 3A–3D
  9. (Human kobuvirus:5700–8043 nt, Bovine kobuvirus:5842–8200 nt, Swine kobuvirus:5688–8043 nt, Feline kobuvirus:5689–8029 nt, Canine kobuvirus:5707–8048 nt, Rat kobuvirus:5687–8030 nt, Sewage kobuvirus:4330–6672 nt)