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Table 1 Microbiome alpha diversity indices between different time durations at the end of fasting or 1 month after the cessation of intermittent fasting

From: The effects of daily fasting hours on shaping gut microbiota in mice

Time pointIndicesTime duration
CTR12 hrs16 hrs20 hrs
Day 30Shannon5.269 (0.871)5.092 (0.806)5.487 (0.529)4.680 (0.868)
Simpson0.909 (0.107)0.897 (0.070)0.934 (0.040)0.879 (0.073)
Day 60Shannon5.406 (0.802)5.160 (0.918)5.363 (0.737)4.850 (1.406)
Simpson0.917 (0.065)0.905 (0.088)0.925 (0.054)0.851 (0.174)
  1. Abbreviation: CTR Control or no fasting
  2. Alpha diversity was calculated for both richness and evenness by the Shannon diversity index and Simpson index. Differences in Shannon and Simpson index values were determined by one-way ANOVA, followed by Tukey’s post hoc test for multiple comparisons. Data are presented as mean and standard deviation (S.D.)