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Table 1 Duration of attachment, growth and biofilm maturation and cell index of four Lactobacilli species (L. plantarum, L. crispatus, L. jensenii and L.gasserii), detected, using X-Celligence methodology

From: Lactobacilli spp.: real-time evaluation of biofilm growth

Lactobacilli speciesDuration (h)Cell Index
 AttachmentGrowthAttachmentGrowth slopeMaturation
L. plantarum5.1513.52−0.31720.007450.717
L. crispatus9.449.67--0.260.01090.25
L. jensenii19.5213.95−0.02610.008150.11
L. gasserii12.2212.27−0.12240.00820.25