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Table 1 Biochemical properties of TaPB1

From: Transaldolase in Bacillus methanolicus: biochemical characterization and biological role in ribulose monophosphate cycle

Molecular weight54 kDa
Optimal conditions50 mM Tris-HCl, pH 7.8, 50 °C
Optimal pH7.2–7.4
Optimal temperature60 °C
Temperature stability<  60 °C
F6PKM0.74 mM
Vmax16.3 U/mg
kcat7.35 s−1
kcat/KM10 s− 1 mM− 1
E4PKM2.5 mM
Vmax8.9 U/mg
kcat4 s−1
kcat/KM1.6 s− 1 mM− 1
  1. Values for KM (mM), Vmax (U/mg), and catalytic efficiency (kcat/KM = s− 1 mM− 1) were determined for two independent protein purifications and mean values and arithmetric deviations from the mean are given