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Table 1 Summary of elm samples collected during the survey in Germany

From: Widespread occurrence of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma ulmi’ in elm species in Germany

Federal state and relative geographic position in GermanyElm species and no. of samplesTotal no. per state
U. glabraU. laevisU. minor
Baden-Württemberg (south-west)37190265726
Bavaria (south-east)37490124588
Berlin (east)0344680
Brandenburg (east)204412304920
Hamburg (north)002929
Hesse (central)701525110
Lower Saxony (north)11359102274
Mecklenburg West-Pomerania (north-east)467494401001
Rhineland-Palatinate (south-west)16091129380
North Rhine-Westphalia (west)223228231682
Saarland (west)2903160
Saxony (south-east)270180150600
Saxony-Anhalt (east)46138170354
Schleswig-Holstein (north)21514278435
Thuringia (south-east)887584247
Number of species and total number2630204818086486