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Table 1 Characteristics of 22 environmental V. parahaemolyticus isolates collected from the south-west coast of India

From: Genetic and virulence characterisation of Vibrio parahaemolyticus isolated from Indian coast

Strain IdSerotypetoxRtlhtdhtrhtoxRS/neworf8T3SS2 genes 
H1O1:K17++++vopC, vopT, vscC2, vopA, vopB2, vopLT3SS2α
H2OUT:KUT++++vopC, vopZ, vopL
H3O5:KUT++++vopC, vopT, vscC2, vopA, vopB2
H4O5:K17++++vopC, vopZ, vopA, vopL
H5O1:K19++++vopC, vopT
H6O1:K25++++vopC, vopT, vopZ
H7O1:K25+++vopC, vopT, vopZ
H8O1:K23++++vopC, vscC2, vopB2, vopL
H9O1:K25++++vopC, vscC2, vopB2, vopL
H10O5:K17++++vopC, vopZ, vscC2, vopA, vopB2
H11O1:K25++++vopC, vopZ, vscC2
H12O10:K24++++vopC, vopZ, vopB2
H13O2:KUT++++vopC, vopZ, vopB2, vopL
H14O4:K29++++vopC, vopZ, vscC2, vopB2, vopL
H15O5:K17++++vopC, vopB2
H16O1:KUT++++vopC, vopB2, vopL
H17O5:K20++++vopC, vopT, vopB2
H18O5:K20++++vopC, vopA, vopB2
H19O4:K42++++vopC, vopA, vopB2, vopL
C12O3:KUT++++vscC2, vopB2, vscS2, vopC, vopA, vopLT3SS2β
C13O3:KUT++++vscC2, vopB2, vscS2, vopC, vopA, vopL
K23O4:K36++++vscC2, vopB2, vscS2, vopC, vopA, vopL