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Table 2 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Inactivation of the T6SS inner membrane protein DotU results in severe attenuation and decreased pathogenicity of Aeromonas veronii TH0426

Strain or plasmidPropertiesSource or Reference
A. Averonii TH0426wild type isolated from the yellow catfish, AmprThis study
dotUIsogenic dotU mutant of strain TH0426This study
C-dotUMutant ∆dotU complemented with intact dotU geneThis study
E. coli
 Trans1-T1F-φ80(lacZ)ΔM15ΔlacX74hsdR (rk -, mk +) ΔrecA1398endA1tonATransGene Biotech
 DH5α-λpirΛpir-lysogen of DH5αStored in our lab
 WM3064thrB1004 pro thi rpsL hsdS lacZM15RP4–1360(araBAD)567dapA1341::[erm pir(wt)]Stored in our lab
 pEASY-Blunt ZeroTA cloning vector, AmprTransGene Biotech
 pEASY-UD dotUCarrying the flanking region of the ORF for dotU TA cloningThis study
 pRE112pGP704 suicide plasmid, pir depengent, oriT, oriV, sacB, CmrStored in our lab
 pRE112-UD dotUpRE112 carrying the flanking region of the dotU ORF, CmrThis study
 pBBR1-MCSBroad-host-range vector, CmrStored in our lab
 pBBR-dotUpBBR carrying of 998 bp containing the promoter and dotU ORF, CmrThis study