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Table 3 Resistance markers detected by the multiplex PCR test panel

From: Value of multiplex PCR for detection of antimicrobial resistance in samples retrieved from patients with orthopaedic infections

AntibioticsResistance markers
OxacillinmecA, mecC
Aminoglycosidesaac(6′)/aph(2″), aacA4
Macrolides/lincosamidesermA, ermC
VancomycinvanA, vanB
Third-generation cephalosporinsctx-M
Carbapenemsblavim, blaimp, blakpc, blandm, blaoxa-23, blaoxa-24, blaoxa-48, blaoxa-58
FluoroquinolonesbgyrA83, gyrA87
  1. aRifampin resistance testing is only validated for Staphylococcus aureus
  2. bFluoroquinolone resistance testing is only validated for Escherichia coli among gram-negative bacteria