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Table 1 Animal species, their origins and numbers of M. bovis isolated

From: Tracing cross species transmission of Mycobacterium bovis at the wildlife/livestock interface in South Africa

Animal speciesLocationSample typeNumber of M. bovis isolates
CattleNibela dip tankorgan tissues4
 nasal swab3
Mpempe dip tankorgan tissues4
 nasal swab1
Masakeni dip tankorgan tissues4
 nasal swab1
Nkomo dip tanknasal swab1
Nakunazaphe dip tankorgan tissues1
Hlazana dip tankorgan tissues1
Commercial farm 1organ tissues24
Commercial farm 2organ tissues2
Commercial farm 3organ tissues2
Commercial farm 4organ tissues1
BuffaloHiP game reserveorgan tissues41
BaboonMkhuze game reserveorgan tissues2
LionMunyawana game reserveorgan tissues2
HiP game reserveorgan tissues2
WarthogMkhuze game reserveorgan tissues1
Grand Total  99