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Table 1 Transcription changes in the Δcse mutant

From: The small Ca2+-binding protein CSE links Ca2+ signalling with nitrogen metabolism and filament integrity in Anabaena sp. PCC 7120

AccessionGene symbolDescriptionFold changeFDR
Heterocyst-related genes
asr0098 unknown protein2.10.049
alr0099hetZheterocyst differentiation4.10.018
asr0100patU5heterocyst inhibitor3.55.69E-06
alr0101patU3heterocyst inhibitor3.44.04E-05
all0521patAtwo-component response regulator, heterocyst pattern formation protein2.60.002
asr1734 heterocyst inhibitor1.90.002
asl2301patSheterocyst-inhibiting signalling peptide2.71.82E-06
alr2817hetCheterocyst differentiation protein−1.30.009
alr2818hetPheterocyst differentiation protein2.30.036
alr4392ntcAnitrogen-responsive regulatory protein−1.30.007
alr2822 – alr2841hepHeterocyst Envelope Polysaccharide island−2.5<  0.016
alr0267hesFexoprotein for filament adhesion−4.83.42E-04
all5341 – all5359hgl, hgd, hetglycolipid biosynthesis: glycosyltransferases, hgdA-C, hglA-G/T, hetN/I−4.5<  0.034
all2512patBheterocyst-specific transcriptional regulator−4.70.026
all0177flv1Bheterocyst-specific flavodiiron protein−3.75.19E-09
all0178flv3Bheterocyst-specific flavodiiron protein−3.10.034
all1430fdxHheterocyst ferredoxin−5.56.44E-07
alr2514cox2Bcytochrome c oxidase 2 subunit II−3.90.003
alr2515cox2Acytochrome c oxidase 2 subunit I−4.00.003
alr2516cox2Ccytochrome c oxidase 2 subunit III−4.40.032
alr2729 putative membrane protein−4.32.70E-09
alr2730 putative membrane protein−3.80.001
alr2731cox3Bcytochrome c oxidase 3 subunit II−4.22.70E-09
alr2732cox3Acytochrome c oxidase 3 subunit I−5.11.73E-04
alr3710devBheterocyst-specific ABC-transporter, membrane fusion protein−4.03.04E-06
alr3711devCheterocyst-specific ABC-transporter, membrane spanning subunit−3.20.009
alr3712devAheterocyst-specific ABC-transporter, ATP-binding subunit−3.70.007
Nitrogen fixation
alr1407nifV1homocitrate synthase−3.88.36E-05
asr1408nifZiron-sulfur cofactor synthesis protein−4.00.005
asr1409nifTnitrogen fixation protein−3.60.003
all1424 – all1427 nitroreductase family protein, ankyrin, CBS domain containing membrane protein−3.1<  0.016
all1431 – all1440hes & nifiron-sulfur cluster biosynthesis protein hesA/B, nifW/X/N/E/K−5.4<  0.038
all1455nifHnitrogenase iron protein−6.54.06E-06
all1456nifUnitrogen fixation protein−4.20.009
all1457nifSnitrogenase cofactor synthesis protein−6.00.025
all1517nifBnitrogen fixation protein−6.47.81E-06
alr2520 nitrogenase-associated protein−4.67.18E-05
all0688 – alr0700hupuptake hydrogenase−2.7<  0.009
alr0766hoxHbidirectional hydrogenase large subunit5.90.050
Chlorophyll + pyrimidine biosynthesis
all1357hemF2coproporphyrinogen III oxidase17.90.011
alr1358 Magnesium-protoporphyrin IX monomethyl ester [oxidative] cyclase 14.22.73E-04
alr1912 dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (fumarate)6.50.024
Other gene clusters
all2126  −4.02.06E-07
all2127 radical S-adenosyl-L-methionine−6.21.52E-04
all2128  −7.20.001
alr2522 – alr2527 unknown proteins, luciferase-alpha subunit−4.1<  0.005
all7191 – all7223 AIPR protein, ABC transporter, plasmid recombinant protein, ATPase, restriction endonuclease, integrase/recombinase, similar to TrsK protein, two-component response regulator3.2<  0.050
  1. Fold change (FC) values indicate differential expression of three biological replicates (n = 3) of Δcse compared to wild-type (WT) grown in BG11 medium in 3% CO2. Genes with FC values ≥1.9 (upregulated) or ≤ −1.9 (downregulated) are shown. In some cases, genes of special interest with FC < 1.9 have been included. False discovery rates (FDR) show P values after correction using the Benjamini-Hochberg method. Where operons included > 4 genes, the average FC and largest FDR values are provided