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Table 3 The correlation coefficient between bacteria in total simples

From: Dysbiosis of saliva microbiome in patients with oral lichen planus

Bacteria componentRp. value
Streptococcus VS Sphingomonas−0.780< 0.001
Streptococcus VS Neisseria−0.1010.593
Streptococcus VS Ralstonia−0.789< 0.001
Streptococcus VS Gemella0.869< 0.001
Streptococcus VS Actinomyces0.392< 0.05
Streptococcus VS Haemophilus0.5050.127
Sphingomonas VS Neisseria−0.0800.672
Sphingomonas VS Gemella−0.790< 0.001
Neisseria VS Actinomyce0.3320.072
Sphingomonas VS Ralstonia0.889< 0.001
Neisseria VS Ralstonia−0.0280.882
Ralstonia VS Gemella−0.775< 0.001
  1. R: Spearman rank correlation coefficient