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Table 1 Prevalence and distribution of E. bieneusi genotypes in humans by village

From: First identification and genotyping of Enterocytozoon bieneusi in humans in Myanmar

Collection sitePositive no./Examined no. (%)Genotype/s (n)a
Village I4/32 (12.50)Peru6 (1), D (1), MMR23 (1), MMR25 (1)
Village II2/52 (3.85)Peru6 (2)
Village III4/52 (7.69)Peru6 (2), MMR86 (1), MMR87 (1)
Village IV5/36 (13.89)Peru6 (5)
Total15/172 (8.72)Peru6 (10), D (1), MMR23 (1), MMR25 (1), MMR86 (1), MMR87 (1)
  1. a The genotypes in bold are novel genotypes obtained in the present study