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Table 1 Homologous proteins in A. brassicicola of the main S. cerevisiae MCC/eisosome proteins and their gene expression in response to applied treatments. Brassinin, camalexin, sorbitol and desiccation treatments were compared to non-treated cultures at two time points (0.5 h and 2 h, or 1 h and 4 h). Genes with a P-values ≤0.01 and a log2 ratio ≥ 0.5 or ≤ − 0.5 were considered as differentially expressed. Values corresponds to log2 ratio

From: Role of membrane compartment occupied by Can1 (MCC) and eisosome subdomains in plant pathogenicity of the necrotrophic fungus Alternaria brassicicola

 ProteinA. brassicicola IDS. cerevisiae homolog
(% identity)
FunctionReferenceExposure to brassininExposure to camalexinExposure to sorbitolExposure to dehydration
Eisosome     0.5 h2 h0.5 h2 h0.5 h2 h1 h4 h
Pil1AAB08863.1YGR086C (73%)BAR domain[10]0.88 0.62 2.270.881.381.59
Pil1BAB09572.1YPL004C (50%)BAR domain[10]        
Slm1AB02000.1YIL105C (37%)BAR domain and PH domain[38] 1.55 2.481.74
Slm2AB05189.1YNL047C (24%)BAR domain and PH domain[38] 1.180.61
Pkh1AB04691.1YDR490C (50%)Ser/Thr protein kinase[14, 20] 
Pkh2AB07167.1YGR092W (55%)Ser/Thr protein kinase[14, 20]
Pst2AB10448.1YCR004C (51%)flavodoxin-like proteins[36]
Mdg1AB06956.1YHR146W (38%)Unknown[36]0.85 
Ycp4AB02777.1YCR004C / YDR032C (57%)flavodoxin-like proteins[36] 0.79 
Xrn1AB10419.1YGL173C (63%)Exonuclease[37] 
MCCSur7AB08885.1YML052W (34%)Sur7 family tetraspan[4, 6]1.5 0.98 1.72 1.911.81
Pun1AB03912.1YLR414C (26%)Sur7 family tetraspan[36] 1.390.94 
Nce102AB04716.1YPR149W (37%)Nce102 family tetraspan[36]1.59 1.05 1.61 1.611.66
Can1AB08516.1YEL063C (43%)H+-driven Arg permease[6] −0.96 −0.8−0.61− 0.96 
Fur4AB04392.1YIR028W (46%)H+-driven uracil permease[5] −1.06
Tat2AB08109.1YKR039W (52%)H+-driven Trp and Tyr permease[14]