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Table 1 Biotyping characteristics of Brucella species isolates in Guangxi, China

From: Investigation of the molecular characteristics of Brucella isolates from Guangxi Province, China

Strain No.Growth characteristicsMonospecific SeraPhages lysis testingInterpreted
CO2 requestedH2SBFTHAMRTbBK2Wb
BA+++++++B. abortus 544
BM++++ B. melitensis16M
BS++++++B. suis 1330
GX001~015, GX040++++NLCLNLB. melitensis bv. 3
GX021, GX024++++NLCLCLB. suis bv. 1
GX016~021, 022, 023, GX025~032+++NLCLCLB. suis bv. 3
GX033~GX039++NLNLNLB. canis
  1. Strain No., the number conferred to isolates;
  2. BF, Basic fuchsin at 20 μg /ml (1/50,000 w/v); TH, Thionin at 20 μg /ml (1/50,000 w/v);
  3. Phages, Tb = Tbilisi, BK2 = Berkeley type 2, Wb = Weybridge;
  4. CL, Confluent Lysis; NL, No lysis; RTD, Routine test dilution;
  5. +, positive (serum agglutination positive);
  6. -, negative (serum agglutination negative)