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Table 1 Gene profiles and phenotypic characteristics of P. aeruginosa strains that were evaluated in this study (n = 11)

From: The efficacy of lyticase and β-glucosidase enzymes on biofilm degradation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains with different gene profiles

StrainGene profileResistance patternBiofilm production
BR1apelF+, algD+, pslB+, pslD+strong
BR2pelF+, algD+, pslB+, pslD+strong
CF1bpelF+, algD+, pslB+, pslD+strong
BR3pelF, algD, pslB, pslDAK, CAZweak
BR4pelF, algD, pslB, pslDAK, CAZstrong
BR5pelF, algD, pslB, pslDAK, CAZstrong
BR6pelF, algD+, pslB+, pslD+AKstrong
CFpelF+, algD, pslB+, pslD+strong
CF3pelF+, algD+, pslB,strong
BR7pelF+, algD+, pslB, pslDCstrong
BR8pelF, algD+, pslB, pslDAK, CAZmoderate
  1. AK Amikacin, CAZ Ceftazidime
  2. aBR; Burn strain
  3. bCF; Cystic fibrosis strain