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Table 2 Differentially expressed genes from RNASeq analysis of M. catarrhalis 195ME ModM3 ON and OFF strains

From: The Moraxella catarrhalis phase-variable DNA methyltransferase ModM3 is an epigenetic regulator that affects bacterial survival in an in vivo model of otitis media

Locus tagAnnotationFold change ON:OFFFunction (Localization)
Increased expression in modM3 ON
 RS06580Type III DNA methyltransferase ModM39.03Restriction/modification (C)
 RS06575Type III restriction endonuclease Res5.49Restriction/modification (C)
 RS08120Type I-F CRISPR-associated protein Csy11.44Unknown (C)
 RS04785Nitrate/nitrite response regulator NarL1.40Transcription regulation (C)
 RS07320YcgN family cysteine cluster protein1.39Unknown (U)
 RS08115Type I-F CRISPR-associated protein Csy21.36Unknown (C)
 RS07645Copper-containing nitrite reductase AniA1.33Nitrogen metabolism (OM)
 RS09480Hypothetical protein1.33Unknown (U)
 RS07655Nitric oxide reductase NorB1.32Nitrogen metabolism (IM)
 RS03495DNA repair protein RadA1.31DNA repair (C)
 RS08110Type I-F CRISPR-associated protein Csy31.31Unknown (C)
 RS09415Type-F conjugative transfer system protein TraW1.29Conjugation (U)
 RS04780Nitrate/nitrite sensor histidine kinase NarX1.29Signal transduction (IM)
 RS06570L-2,4-diaminobutyrate decarboxylase ddc1.27Intermediary metabolism (C)
 RS03200AhpC/TSA family peroxiredoxin1.27Oxidative stress response (C)
 RS006302,4-dienoyl-CoA reductase FadH1.27Fatty acid metabolism (C)
 RS02150Signal transduction protein1.27Unknown (U)
Decreased expression in modM3 ON
 RS05055NADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit NuoB0.79Energy metabolism (IM)
 RS04595Hypothetical protein0.78Unknown (U)
 RS03500Sulfate ABC transporter ATP-binding protein CysA0.78Transport and binding proteins (IM)
 RS04010DUF1049 domain-containing protein0.77Unknown (IM)
 RS04620Hypothetical protein0.76Unknown (U)
 RS065957-carboxy-7-deazaguanine synthase QueE0.75Nucleotide metabolism (C)
 RS05010NADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit NuoK0.74Energy metabolism (IM)
 RS02815Hypothetical Moraxella Phage protein0.72Prophage functions (U)
 RS04610Hypothetical protein0.70Unknown (U)
 RS09365Hypothetical protein0.66Unknown (U)
 RS06515Putative membrane protein0.64Cell envelope (IM)
 RS00885Hypothetical protein0.63Unknown (C)
 RS06750Hypothetical protein0.63Unknown (U)
 RS05045Sulfite exporter TauE/SafE family protein0.62Anion transport (IM)
  1. Gene locus tags and annotations are from M. catarrhalis 195ME (NCBI RefSeq accession number NZ_CP018059.1. Genes with ≥1.25 fold change between the ModM3 ON and OFF variants with a P value ≤0.05 were included. Function and subcellular location were determined by BLASTp search against the Uniprot database. Subcellular localization was determined by: C Cytoplasm, IM Inner membrane, OM Outer membrane, U Unknown