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Table 1 SMRT methylome analysis of 195ME modM3 on, modM3 off and ∆modM3

From: The Moraxella catarrhalis phase-variable DNA methyltransferase ModM3 is an epigenetic regulator that affects bacterial survival in an in vivo model of otitis media

Methyltransferase specificityModified base% of sites in genome methylatedAssignmenta
modM3 ONmodM3 OFFmodM3
  1. aAssignment of methyltransferases to a methyltransferase specificity sequence is based on experimental evidence for M.Mca195I, and homology for M.Mca195ORF6035P and M.Mca195ORF8410P. M.Mca195ORF6035P shares 63% amino acid identity with M.HinP1I that recognizes the sequence 5′-GCGC-3′, and M.Mca195ORF8410P shares 71% amino acid identity with M.CocII that recognizes 5′-GCNGC-3′. Due to the low kinetic signal of 5mC methylation, the percentage of methylated sites are not calculated (NC)