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Fig. 1

From: The Moraxella catarrhalis phase-variable DNA methyltransferase ModM3 is an epigenetic regulator that affects bacterial survival in an in vivo model of otitis media

Fig. 1

Phase-variable expression of modM3. a Schematic representation of the modM3 gene indicating the location of the 5′-(CAAC)n-3′ tetranucleotide repeat region and the central target recognition domain. Translation of the full length ModM3 is possible when the repeat tract contains 36 (ON) repeat units, but not when the tract contains 37 (OFF) repeat units (an asterisk indicates a premature stop codon). b GeneScan fragment length analysis of the of modM3 5′-(CAAC)n-3′ tetranucleotide repeat region. The area under each fluorescent peak is proportional to the percentage of a repeat length in the population. Separate populations were isolated containing ≥85% of 36 or 37 repeats. c) Western blot analysis confirmed ModM3 expression in 195ME ModM3 ON (36 repeats) and the absence of expression in the 195ME ModM3 OFF sample (37 repeats)

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