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Table 3 Turnaround time for results from blood culture positivity: Median Time (in hours) and Interquartile range from positive blood culture to results of Alfred vs BD Phoenix™. Time in hours from positive blood culture to susceptibility results

From: Evaluation of a new Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility system for Gram-negative and Gram-positive bloodstream infections: speed and accuracy of Alfred 60AST

 Alfred 60 ASTBD Phoenix™ systemAlfred™ vs BD Phoenix™
Time to results from positive blood culture (h)6.3 h (IQR, 5.25–8.25)20 h (IQR, 16–24)p < 0.01
Technician “hands-on” time (min)20 min (IQR, 10–30)15 min (IQR, 10–20) 
Technique CharacteristicsDirect culture bottleAgar plate subculture (4 h)