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Table 1 Diet formulas used to evaluate the potential of brewer’s yeast replacement with Enterobacter sp. AA26 in medfly larval diet

From: Enterobacter sp. AA26 gut symbiont as a protein source for Mediterranean fruit fly mass-rearing and sterile insect technique applications

IngredientsDiet formulas
Control7% Yeast7% Bacteria3.5% Yeast + 3.5% Bacteria
Enterobacter sp. AA2670 g35 g
Brewer’s Yeast70 g35 g
Corncob2.0 g2.0 g1.0 g
Carrot powder150 g150 g150 g150 g
HCL8.0 ml8.0 ml8.0 ml8.0 ml
Na Benzoate2.5 ml2.5 ml2.5 ml2.5 ml
Nipagin2.0 g2.0 g2.0 g2.0 g
Water770 ml770 ml770 ml770 ml