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Table 2 Growth time in selective liquid media, time to identification after blood culture positivity, and number of concordant/correct identifications by the rapid method

From: A new culture-based method for rapid identification of microorganisms in polymicrobial blood cultures by MALDI-TOF MS

Selective culture medium (selected category of microorganisms)Mean growth time to reach a density of 0.5 McFarland (min–max)Mean time to identification after BC positivity (min-max)Number of correct/concordant identifications (%)
Brilliant Green Bile Broth (Gram-negative bacteria)10.6 h (4.6–20.7 h)11.1 h (5.1–21.2 h)34/36 (94.4%)
m-Staphylococcus Broth (staphylococci)8.2 h (4.9–16.8 h)8.7 h (5.4–17.3 h)27/35 (77.1%)
Todd Hewitt Broth w Colistin/Nalidixic acid (streptococci/enterococci)3.7 h (1.1–22.4 h)4.2 h (1.6–22.9 h)27/31 (87.1%)
HB&L Sabouraud (yeast)13.6 h (8.6–20.6 h)14.4 h (9.4–21.4 h)17/17 (100%)