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Fig. 1

From: Development of a multi-locus sequence typing system helps reveal the evolution of Cardinium hertigii, a reproductive manipulator symbiont of insects

Fig. 1

Bayesian phylogeny with of all Cardinium strains from this study using concatenated loci: gyrB, sufB, EF-G, and groEL. Node support of >‚ÄČ0.99 posterior probability is indicated by an asterisk. Cardinium strains are labeled by the host taxon species name and colored by the host taxon order or sub-class. Acari are pink, Diptera are mustard yellow, Opiliones are green, Thysanoptera are grey, Hemiptera are light blue, Hymenoptera are orange, and Araneae are deep blue. Symbols refer to reproductive phenotype when it has been investigated: filled squares indicate cytoplasmic incompatibility (CI) has been shown, empty squares indicate CI has been looked for and not found, filled triangles indicate feminization, filled circles indicate parthenogenesis-induction has been shown, and hatched circles indicate an association with a parthenogenetic host

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