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Table 3 Origin of Bacillus cereus-groupstrains investigated in this study

From: Antibiotics resistance and toxin profiles of Bacillus cereus-group isolates from fresh vegetables from German retail markets

Source of isolation and no. of samples (137)IsolatesaTotal no. of isolates (147)
Carrots (11)M5, M6, M10, M14, M15, M18, M19, M20, M26, M27, M3911
Cucumbers (6)G2, G8, G12, G13, G32, G366
Herbs (22)K1, K2, K10, K11, K13, K14, K16, K17, K20, K21, K22, K23, K28, K30, K31, K33, K34, K35, K37, K38, K39, K4022
Salad leaves (either one of the following: lollo bionda, lamb’s lettuce, spinach, arugula) (19)B2, B8, B15, B16, B19, B20, B24, B25, B26, B27, B29, B30, B31, B32, B34, B36, B37, B38, B4019
Mixed salad leaves (79)MS3, MS4, MS6, MS9, MS12, MS14, MS17, MS18, MS19, MS25, MS27, MS29, MS33, MS36, MS38, MS79, MS135a, MS135b, MS136a, MS136b, MS138, MS139, MS142, MS143, MS147, MS190, MS191, MS192, MS194, MS195, MS360a, MS360b, MS361, MS362, MS456, MS457, MS460, MS461, MS463a, MS463b, MS464a, MS464b, MS467, MS468a, MS468b, MS469, MS470, MS471, MS525, MS526a, MS527, MS529, MS530, MS531, MS532a, MS532b, MS567, MS568, MS569, MS575, MS578a, MS578b, MS579, MS581, MS582, MS586, MS588, MS689, MS690, MS691a, MS691b, MS693, MS728a, MS728b, MS729, MS730, MS733, MS734, MS735, MS756, MS758, MS788, MS789, MS790, MS791, MS792, MS793, MS794, MS79589
  1. a isolates marked in italic type were isolated on PEMBA agar and were previously reported regarding their 16S rRNA gene based identification in the study of Fiedler et al. [2]. All other strains were isolated on BACARA agar