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Table 4 MLST analysis of CRe from cockroach and human inhabitants per household

From: Household cockroaches carry CTX-M-15-, OXA-48- and NDM-1-producing enterobacteria, and share beta-lactam resistance determinants with humans

Household code IsolatesMLST
2 E. coli human21510
2 C. freundiicockroach 
2 C. freundii cockroach 
13 K. oxytoca human 
13 E. coli human542singleton
13 E. cloacae cockroach 
34 E. coli human920
34 E. coli cockroach9
34 E. coli cockroach101101
37 E. coli human4410
37 E. coli cockroach44
37 E. coli cockroach36723
39 E. coli human189165
39 E. coli cockroach4810
39 E. coli cockroach405405
41 E. coli human341205
41 E. coli human443
41 E. coli cockroach443
49 K. pneumoniaehuman231131
49 K. pneumoniae cockroach231
59 E. coli human8823
59 C. freundii cockroach 
65 E. coli human1250singleton
65 E. agglomeranscockroach 
65 E. agglomeranscockoach. 
69 E. coli human871singleton
69 K. pneumoniae human244singleton
69 E. kobei cockroach 
71 E. coli human21510
71 K. pneumoniae human171singleton
71 K. oxytoca cockroach 
81 E. coli human45386
81 C. koseri human 
81 E. coli cockroach45386
84 E. coli human162469
84 P. mirabilis cockroach 
86 E. coli human1287singleton
86 C. amalonaticus cockroach 
91 E. coli human117singleton
91 S. cholaeraesuis cockroach 
  1. *C+, conjugation tests; dark cells within the C+ column show that the isolate successfully transferred their β-lactamase phenotype and genotype to J53 E.coli recipient via conjugation; white cells within the C+ column indicate unsuccessful conjugation of β-lactamase phenotype and genotype to J53 E.coli recipient via conjugation; MLST, multilocus sequence typing; ST, Sequence Type; CC, clonal complex