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Table 3 The fresh weight and dry weight of ginseng shoots and ginseng roots after different treatments

From: Silicon application and related changes in soil bacterial community dynamics reduced ginseng black spot incidence in Panax ginseng in a short-term study

 ginseng shootsginseng roots
Treatmentfresh weightdry weithtfresh weightroot dry weight
CK2.51 ± 0.21a0.38 ± 0.11a3.02 ± 1.21b0.75 ± 0.12b
A1.56 ± 0.12d0.20 ± 0.02d2.57 ± 0.89d0.52 ± 0.11c
AS2.23 ± 0.25c0.26 ± 0.13c2.89 ± 0.98c0.61 ± 0.12b
S2.39 ± 0.31b0.35 ± 0.13b3.28 ± 1.02a0.79 ± 0.19a
  1. Different letters within a column indicates significant difference among treatments p < 0.05