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Fig. 3

From: A simple, fast and reliable scan-based technique as a novel approach to quantify intracellular bacteria

Fig. 3

Performance comparison between the ICW assay and standard CFU count upon E. coli infection. a Hela cells were infected with the LF82 strain at MOI 10. Non-infected control cells (CC) were used as control. At the selected time points (HPI), cells were either lyzed for CFU/ml count or immunostained for the ICW assay. Representative images of wells used for the ICW assay from three independent experiments performed in quadruplicate are shown. b Histogram shows the mean values ± SD of CFU/ml count (blue bars) and a.u. values (red bars). For both methods, equations and R2 values of trendlines are shown. c The linear correlation (dotted black line) with relative equation and the coefficient of determination (R2 value) are shown

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