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Fig. 1

From: A simple, fast and reliable scan-based technique as a novel approach to quantify intracellular bacteria

Fig. 1

Setting the appropriate primary antibody concentrations for ICW assay. Cell monolayers were individually infected with S. flexneri (strains M90 T), E. coli (strain LF82) and C. trachomatis (strain 434/Bu), for 1 h, 24 and 36 h, respectively. Non-infected control cells (CC) were used as control. Primary antibodies were diluted as indicated, while the secondary antibody was used at 1:800. The bars below representative images indicate the a.u. mean values of specific antibody signals from infected monolayers (red) and from the background of non-infected control cells (black) from three independent experiments performed in quadruplicate. The a.u. values of non-infected cells stained only with the secondary antibody are shown. Dashed yellow rings mark the analyzed areas. Standard deviation (SD), not shown, was below 5% for the entire dataset

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