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Table 5 Antibiotic resistance of newly isolated LAB strains from silage (diameters of inhibition zones, mm)

From: Newly isolated lactic acid bacteria from silage targeting biofilms of foodborne pathogens during milk fermentation

Antibiotics Amount per disc, μg LAB strains
AG1 AG8 AG9 AG10 AG15 AG16
Ampicillin 10 26(S) 18(S) 20(S) 19(S) 20(S) 17(S)
Amikacin 30 12(R) 16(I) 9(R) 10(R) 3(R) 8(R)
Chloramphenicol 30 22(S) 25(S) 28(S) 23(S) 22(S) 29(S)
Ciprofloxacin 5 0(R) 0(R) 0(R) 0(R) 0(R) 9(R)
Clindamycin 2 16(S) 15(S) 33(S) 18(S) 28(S) 24(S)
Erythromycin 15 20(S) 20(S) 26(S) 22(S) 20(S) 26(S)
Gentamicin 10 10(R) 11(R) 10(R) 9(R) 0(R) 13(S)
Kanamycin 30 0(R) 0(R) 6(R) 0(R) 0(R) 5(R)
Rifampicin 5 20(S) 26(S) 20(S) 20(S) 13(R) 30(S)
Streptomycin 30 10(R) 14(I) 8(R) 11(R) 11(R) 11(R)
Tetracycline 30 20(S) 20(S) 20(S) 21(S) 19(S) 25(S)
Vancomycin 30 0(R) 0(R) 6(R) 14(R) 0(R) 2(R)
  1. Inhibition zones (mm) (means ± SD of 3 trials) were interpreted as susceptible (S), intermediate (I), or resistant (R) according to [45]