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Table 2 Identity of gut bacterial isolates from Bactrocera dorsalis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences

From: Symbiotic bacteria motivate the foraging decision and promote fecundity and survival of Bactrocera dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Isolate labels Sequence length (bp) Best tblastn hit species GenBank accession No. Identity (%) Family
BDF-1 1399 Enterobacter cloacae CP030347.1 99 Enterobacteriaceae-
BDF-2 1467 Enterococcus faecalis MG543815.1 99 Enterobacteriaceae+
BDF-3 1452 Klebsiella oxytoca NR_114152.1 99 Enterobacteriaceae-
BDF-4 1433 Pantoea dispersa AY227805.1 99 Enterobacteriaceae-