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Table 3 Mhp-positive samples randomly selected to be partially sequenced and the percentage of similarity between the 16 target genes of Mhp field strains, compared to other Mhp sequences deposited into GenBank (AE017332.1; AE017244.1; AE017243.1; CP003802.1; CP002274.1; CP003131.1)

From: Genetic variation of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae from Brazilian field samples

mhp 0107P102-like proteinSurface proteins98–100%99%99–100%99%98–99%
mhp 0272P97-like proteinND99%99%
P97Surface adhesinND99%99%
mhp0199Protein P10299–100%99–100%99%
mhp 0099Lipoprotein P95ND98–99%ND98–99%
mhp 0580Membrane nucleasse lipoprotein99–100%NDND99%99%
mhp 461Multifunctional leucine aminopeptidase on the surface99–100%98–99%ND
mhp 0360P37-like ABC transporter substrate-binding lipoprotein99–100%99%
P46Membrane surface protein99%99%ND
mhp 0067Chaperone protein dnaKNon-surface proteins99%99%99–100%99%99%
nrdFRibonucleotide reductase R2 subunit99–100%ND99–100%
mhp 0443Hypothetical proteinHypothetical proteins98–99%ND98–99%98–99%98–99%
mhp 0660Lipoprotein99%99%99%99%99%
mhp 0487Putative Mg2+ transporter99%98–99%99%98–99%98–99%
  1. ND not determined by sequencing, Mhp field strain did not contain the gene