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Fig. 6

From: Cloning and disruption of the UeArginase in Ustilago esculenta: evidence for a role of arginine in its dimorphic transition

Fig. 6

The content of arginine in WT strains or UeArginase mutations during mating process. The contents of arginine in WT strains and UeArginase mutations were measured at 0 h and 12 h after mating on YESP/YEPS-ARG medium or 24 h after mating on BM/BM-ARG medium during mating procedure. At least 5 individual colonies were collected in the mating assay. The haploid samples mixed at the beginning of mating assays were collected as the tested samples of 0 h. Differences in the content of arginine were analyzed using the generalized linear model (GLM) with the variables of the stage life, medium, the amount of arginine added and strains, and 3 blocks. For the interaction effect of the four variables was significant (P < 0.05), Least squares means were computed for comultiple-comparison. Different letters above the columns indicate significant differences at p < 0.05 (Tukey)

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