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Fig. 5

From: Cloning and disruption of the UeArginase in Ustilago esculenta: evidence for a role of arginine in its dimorphic transition

Fig. 5

Relative expression of genes in PKA and MAPK pathway and a mating type genes during mating process. The basic expression of UeKpp2 (a), UeKpp6 (b), UePkaC (c), UePrf1 (d), mfa1.2 (e), mfa2.1 (f), pra1 (g) and pra2 (h) in WT strains and UeArginase mutations at 0 h and 12 h after mating on YESP/YEPS-ARG medium or 24 h after mating on BM/BM-ARG medium during mating procedure. At least 5 individual colonies were collected in the mating assay. The haploid samples mixed at the beginning of mating assays were collected as the tested samples of 0 h. The mixed wild type strains collected at 0 h on YEPS medium was used as a contrast to evaluate the relative expression of genes during mating procedure. Differences in the gene expression levels were analyzed using the generalized linear model (GLM) with the variables of the stage life, medium, the amount of arginine added and strains, and 3 blocks. For the interaction effect of the four variables was significant (P < 0.05), Least squares means were computed for comultiple-comparison. Different letters above the columns indicate significant differences at p < 0.05 (Tukey)

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