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Fig. 4

From: Cloning and disruption of the UeArginase in Ustilago esculenta: evidence for a role of arginine in its dimorphic transition

Fig. 4

The hyphal growth of WT strains or UeArginase mutations after mating. Morphology of colonies were photographed (a) and hyphal length were measured (b) under stereomicroscope at 3 days after conjugation tubes formation during mating assays carried out. Scale bar (in a) represents 1500 μm. YEPS and BM on the X-axis (in b) represent different liquid media. -ARG represent 10 mM arginine added to specific medium. Differences in the hyphal length were analyzed using the generalized linear model (GLM) with the variables of medium, the amount of arginine added and strains, and 3 blocks. For the interaction effect of the three variables was significant (P < 0.05), Least squares means were computed for multiple-comparison. Different letters above the columns indicate significant differences at p < 0.05 (Tukey)

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