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Fig. 2

From: Carbohydrate, glutathione, and polyamine metabolism are central to Aspergillus flavus oxidative stress responses over time

Fig. 2

Principal components analysis (PCA) of metabolite accumulation. A4N, A4Y, A7N, and A7Y refer to AF13 at 4 and 7 DAI with and without 15 mM H2O2 treatment. N4N, N4Y, N7N, and N7Y refer to the same for NRRL3357. Dark blue points correspond with AF13 with no stress and light blue points refer to AF13 with stress. Orange points correspond with NRRL3357 with no stress and light orange points refer to NRRL3357 with stress. Circles represent samples at 4 DAI and triangles represent samples at 7 DAI

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