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Table 2 Least significant difference test for lesion size, mean difenoconazole and mancozeb relative growth rates (RGRs) among the seven A. alternata populations collected from potato in China

From: Cross-resistance of the pathogenic fungus Alternaria alternata to fungicides with different modes of action

Populations Mancozeb RGR Difenoconazole RGR Lesion area
IMG 0.91AB 0.88B 1.92BC
FJN 0.91BC 0.91A 2.57A
HLJ 0.92A 0.91A 1.83BC
SDG 0.88D 0.86B 1.40C
HBI 0.88CD 0.87B 1.53C
HNN 0.92A 0.91A 2.18AB
YNN 0.88D 0.87B 2.16AB