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Fig. 3

From: Soil indigenous microbiome and plant genotypes cooperatively modify soybean rhizosphere microbiome assembly

Fig. 3

The enrichment and depletion of bacteria by genera in the soybean rhizosphere. The inside dendrogram represents the taxonomic tree of all bacterial genera with significantly different abundance between soil and rhizosphere, with color indicating phylum. Proteobacteria (green) were subset to class level, with circle, star, pentagon, square and diamond representing Alpha-, Beta-, Delta-, Gamma- and Unclassified- Proteobacteria respectively. The number at the end of each branch represents the corresponding bacterial genus as annotated along the list along each side of the plot. A detailed annotation list could be found in Additional file 2. The enrichment/depletion of each genus in the soybean rhizosphere is depicted in the external heatmap ring, with red indicating enrichment, blue representing depletion, and yellow indicating no significant difference. The darker the color of each block, the stronger the corresponding enrichment/depletion, which is scaled based on corresponding LDA score

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