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Table 3 Distribution of different combinations of virulence genes in B. cereus group isolates in different groups

From: Toxigenic potential and antimicrobial susceptibility of Bacillus cereus group bacteria isolated from Tunisian foodstuffs

Group Genes presents Number of isolates % isolates in each group
G1 HBL complex, NHE complex, bceT, cytK 36(8+ 26a + 1b + 1c) 20.7
G2 HBL complex, NHE complex, bceT 29(9+ 15a + 1b + 4c) 16.7
G3 HBL complex, NHE complex, cytK 7(1+ 3a + 3c) 4.0
G4 HBL complex, NHE complex 30(4+ 16a + 10c) 17.2
G5 NHE complex, bceT, cytK 8 4.6
G6 NHE complex, bceT 13(10+ 3b) 7.5
G7 NHE complex, cytK 12(11+ 1b) 6.9
G8 NHE complex 32(30+ 2b) 18.4
G9 NHE complex, HBL complex, ces 1c 0.6
G10 NHE complex, cytK, ces 3 1.7
G11 NHE complex, bceT, ces 2 1.1
G12 NHE complex, ces 1 0.6
  1. aLacked at least one gene of HBL complex; bLacked at least one gene of NHE complex; cLacked at least one gene of NHE & HBL complex