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Table 2 A selected subset of the most effective knockouts in terms of their ability to affect the uptake of Sybr Green

From: Involvement of multiple influx and efflux transporters in the accumulation of cationic fluorescent dyes by Escherichia coli

Gene Comments Uniprot ID Representative reference(s)
yiaM 2,3-diketo-L-gulonate transporter P37674 (none)
setC Putative sugar efflux system B7L779 [159]
tsgA Uncharacterised transporter P60778 (none)
yhjV Uncharacterised transporter P37660 [160]
yggT Unknown transporter involved in osmotolerance P64564 [161]
actP Cation/acetate symporter P32705 [162]
yrbG Possible inorganic cation transporter P45394 [163, 164]
yidK Uncharacterised symporter P31448 (none)
aaeB p-hydroxybenzoate efflux pump P46481 [165,166,167]
atpG ATP synthase gamma chain P0ABA6 (none)
phoR Phosphate sensor regulon P08400 [130]
cysU (cysT) Sulphate transport permease P16701 (none)
mdtD Putative multidrug resistance transporter P36554 [159]
dctA Dicarboxylate transport protein P0A830 [168]
yehW Non-osmoprotecting glycine betaine uptake system (presumably antiporter) P33359 [169]
  1. Those whose knockout increased uptake are given in bold face