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Table 1 A selected subset of the most effective knockouts in terms of their ability to affect the uptake of diS-C3(5)

From: Involvement of multiple influx and efflux transporters in the accumulation of cationic fluorescent dyes by Escherichia coli

Gene Comments Uniprot ID Representative reference(s)
atpB F1-ATPase subunit P0ABB0 [122]
atpA F1-ATPase subunit P0AB98 [122]
ycdG (rutG) Broad-specificity pyrimidine permease P75892 [123,124,125]
rbsB Ribose ABC transporter periplasmic binding protein P02925 [126]
ybiO mechanosensitive ion channel P75783 [127]
yifK probable transport protein (possibly amino acid) P27837 [128]
yliA/gsiA ATP-driven Glutathione importer P75796 [129]
ybiR Inner membrane protein P75788 (none)
yccS Inner membrane protein P75870 (none)
phoR Phosphate sensor regulon P08400 [130]
yejA Putative oligopeptide ABC transporter periplasmic binding protein P33913 [131]
mdtI Spermidine export protein P69210 [132, 133]
mdtJ Spermidine export protein P69212 [133]
mdtL Multidrug resistance protein (e.g. vs chloramphenicol) P31462 [133]
mdtA Multidrug resistance protein (e.g. vs novobiocin) P76397 [134]
acrA Multidrug efflux pump subunit P0AE06 [135]
ybbW Putative allantoin permease P75712 [136]
ydcS Part of ABC transporter complex, possibly involved in poly-β-hydroxybutyrate synthesis/ polyamine efflux P76108 [137]
ygfQ (ghxQ) Hypoxanthine-guanine permease Q46817 [138]
  1. Those whose knockout increased uptake are given in bold face