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Table 2 Selective depletion of human DNA by pathogen enrichment

From: Influence of antibiotic treatment on the detection of S. aureus in whole blood following pathogen enrichment

   cT value
qPCR after Human DNA S. aureus DNA
spiked whole blood protocol A 23.15 ± 0.38 25.98 ± 0.75
protocol B 17.06 ± 0.08 23.85 ± 0.64
  1. Human whole blood was spiked with S. aureus and processed in parallel with an estalished pathogen enrichment protocol (protocol A) and by total (host and pathogen) DNA extraction with magnetic beads (protocol B) as described in Materials and Methods. qPCR revealed the presence of residual human DNA (positive PCR for beta-actin) in samples isolated with the pathogen enrichment protocol, but samples obtained by total DNA extraction contained significantly higher amounts of human DNA. Pathogen DNA was nearly equally well enriched with both protocols, resulting in a net enrichment of pathogen DNA over host DNA using the pathogen enrichment protocol. Data are presented as mean ± standard error of the mean (n = 4)